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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  January 30, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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[ no audio ] >> state and highway crews say it will be like this for several more hours as they try to clean up after a three- vehicle crash involving a truck. delia goncalves was on the scene since early this morning and she has the latest right now. >> reporter: firefighters at the west lanham hills fire station just getting word of the overnight crash that injured four of their fellow firefighters. thankfully three have been released from the hospital, but one man is still in tough shape. in the darkness of the overnight hours, it was hard to see the wreckage behind the flashing lights but it was bad. three vehicles, all overturned on the beltway by route 50. a fire engine on its side. >> it's unusual to have an accident of this severity where
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the fire truck is actually moving and struck by another vehicle. the county police accident investigation team has taken the lead. we're figuring out what happened. >> reporter: the chief says the fire engine was traveling on the inner loop of the beltway returning from another accident scene when it was rear ended by a tractor-trailer. both vehicles spun out, slipped over, crashing into the jersey barrier and slamming into a third vehicle on the outer loop. that suv toppled over. seven injuries in all. one firefighter may lose an arm. >> it does not appear to be any life threatening injuries but they're all the worse traumas that the rating is. >> reporter: as the investigation continued, traffic crawled through the area. >> i didn't think of any way to go around it that wouldn't be backed up so i decided to go right through it. >> i saw the advisories. i was thinking of pulling off figuring it would be gone by the time i got here. i was wrong. >> reporter: in the daylight it looked even worse.
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the fire engine finally on a flat bed. the tractor-trailer still on its side. the fire chief tells me the volunteer firefighters typically work the overnight hours and will likely be replaced by career firefighters until they recover. the fire truck that was destroyed in the crash cost $500,000. in west lanham hills, delia goncalves, wusa9. >> all four firefighters are veteran volunteers. the firefighter who was most seriously injured is in surgery at a baltimore hospital now. no word on the extent of the injuries of the other three firefighters just yet. and another accident fouled up traffic not far from that fire truck crash. this one was on the baltimore- washington parkway in riverdale. at least one of the victims had to be cut out of a wreck there. the crash caused a major rush hour delay this morning with the cars being diverted on to east-west highway. the accident scene is clear, though, this afternoon. a jury in culpeper, virginia, is considering the sentence now for a former
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police officer convicted of voluntary manslaughter. we're talking about daniel harmon-wright. he shot and killed 54-year-old patricia ann cook last february while she was sitting in her jeep. the jury rejected his claim that cook shot -- that he shot cook in self-defense. the anne arundel county council is holding an emergency meeting today to talk about removing county executive john leopold. he was found guilty on misconduct while in office, and he is currently suspended. the judge ruled that leopold broke the law when he made a staffer empty his catheter bag after surgery and when he had members of his security detail put up campaign signs. however, the judge acquitted leopold on charges connected to having his security detail drive him to sexual encounters. congress is holding its first hearing on gun violence since the elementary school shooting in newtown, connecticut. on one side of the issue, former congresswoman gabriel giffords who was shot in the
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head last year. on the other side, wayne lapierre, the head of the national rifle association. danielle nottingham has more. >> reporter: former congresswoman gabriel giffords arrived as an unscheduled witness to the first senate hearing on gun violence since the mass shooting at a connecticut elementary school. >> the time is now. you must act. >> reporter: giffords was nearly killed in a tucson shooting in 2011, and came to capitol hill with her husband, retired astronaut mark kelly to push for tighter gun restrictions. members of the senate judiciary committee are discussing an assault weapons ban and strengthening background checks. >> when i bought firearms in vermont, i go through the background check. i would expect everybody else to. >> reporter: nra executive vice president wayne lapierre is representing the powerful gun lobby at the hearing. >> let's be honest. background checks will never be universal because criminals will never submit to them. >> reporter: while gun control is getting new attention here
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on capitol hill, getting laws passed is an uphill battle. republicans as well as many democrats are strong supporters of gun rights. >> the 1994 assault weapon ban did not stop columbine. the justice department found the ban ineffective. >> reporter: senator diane fine stain has already introduced a new assault weapons ban. senator chuck schumer is behind feinstein's bill, but he is not optimistic it will pass. >> but i think we're going to give it the old college try because you cannot have month after month after month these kinds of shootings. >> reporter: more than 200 people packed the room for today's senate hearing. danielle nottingham, cbs news, capitol hill. >> william mo cowan has been selected to replace senator john kerry. kerry was confirmed as the next secretary of state. cowan used to be chief of staff to governor duval patrick.
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okay, it is time to head down to new orleans. the super bowl coverage that we are calling blitz and glitz. we have a whole team. jc hayward, andre ya roane, -- andrea roane, kristin berset all are down there. and james brown is a damascus high school grad, jc got one on one time with him to get his take on the super bowl. >> taking care of me as usual. >> reporter: getting ready for the super bowl requires lots of preparation, but cbs' james brown spent valuable time with me, even though he was losing his voice. i suggested hot lemon tea. >> it's good. >> reporter: yeah, see. the lemon, i'm telling you. he has had an incredible career since he started anchoring sports at channel 9 back in 1984. today he's the well known host of the n.f.l. today and inside the n.f.l. >> reporter: those who watch
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the show realize that many times you have to sort of real in your compatriots. how do you do that? >> my job is to be as conversant as possible with all the material we're going to cover, know the game inside and out, know the story lines, know the sidebar stories so that i can illicit the best from them to have them look good. >> reporter: he remembers fondly the people who influenced his life, and he's trying to influence others. >> i still have a special heart for young people and men in particular. coach tony dundee -- dungee, we've become close friends. he started working in the prison ministry. so we've been ministering to a lot of men and young people in particular and things have grown that way. but i'm happy to be doing it, jc. >> reporter: it seems like yesterday that we worked together and now jb is a grandfather.
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>> now that i am a -- >> reporter: grand papa. >> thanks for saying that. excellence is the common thread that i see through all of those people that are part of the history of channel 9. so because i cut my teeth there, that's what i wanted to do is to be journal listly -- journalically sound. >> reporter: jc hayward, wusa9. >> we'll have more starting at 5:00 of course. well, coming up, ready, set, file. the internal revenue service is ready to hear from you. it's that time of year. plus, a nightmare for the dreamliner. a new report says boeing was aware of a serious problem even before the fleet was grounded. those stories and more right after this.
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federal regulators are asking boeing now to provide a full operating history on lithium ion batteries that it uses in the dreamliner aircraft. the move comes after "the new york times" reported the jet's biggest operator said it had replaced ten of the batteries in the months before boeing was forced to ground its 787 fleet after two battery failures. the airline says it contacted boeing about the problem but not safety regulators because there were no flights canceled. the internal revenue service starts processing returns for the vast majority of filers today. the agency had planned to especial on the tax season eight days ago but had to push back the date because congress delayed passing some key tax provisions. a similar delay two years ago pushed the opening of tax season into mid-february. coming up on wusa9, the need for speed. should you be able to drive faster on the intercounty connector in montgomery county? we'll talk to phil andrew abouts that issue and a few
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other things right after this. kind of warm out here. we have winds gusting 30, even 35 miles an hour. look at these temperatures. enjoy them now. the cold is on the way back here. we have readings up to 68 in alexandria and waldorf. 69 in dumfries. 68 dulles. 69 in crofton. i'll be back and look at radar. we'll talk about the storm potential and the snow potential
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welcome back. it's been smooth sailing to say the least on the intercounty
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connector ever since it opened, tough' driven on t. now phil andrews is pushing for some big changes. welcome back. good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> full disclosure, you represent me. i live up in gaithersburg. i use the connector. i think it's terrific. >> i want people to use it. >> i think a lot of people enjoy driving on it because there aren't a lot of people on it. that said, it's 55. it's slow. what are your thoughts on that? are things going to move forward as far as raising the speed limit? you said there were challenges. >> it does sound like the state is likely to raise it to 60. engineers say that's the maximum speed the road was built for. so whatever the maximum safe speed the road was built for, that's what it should be set for. but the bigger barriers are the tolls, the high costs, for people who make $50,000, $60,000 to drive round trip on the icc every day during rush hour, it's $2,000 so it's about 4% of the take yoam pay.
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sthat's -- take-home pay. that's the biggest barrier. i proposed we cut the tolls in half to encourage people to use the highway. they've got to price it right. every other toll facility in the state has a deep discount for regular commuters, except the icc. >> you would be able to track a regular commuter because of the transponder. you know if they use it every day. make you should get a bulk discount. >> right. users of the bay bridge or tunnel pay about 25% of the regular price. you can imagine how much more traffic on the icc if it was that much cheaper. >> the electronic nature of it, if someone comes from new york city driving on vacation would pay full price but driving every day would be different. >> it's the regular users. >> i know it took a long time to get done but really, it's engineered for 55. >> i didn't think it was the
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best way to spend scarce transportation funds, about half of which are public funds. but it's built and we need people to use it. why they didn't build it to be saferrer above 60, you know, is certainly a good question to ask the state. >> what do you feel the likelihood of the change when it comes to the tolls going through? >> it will only happen if the public weighs in. i've heard great response from the public, but the public needs to contact the maryland transportation authority and their state legislators to put some pressure o. if they're start -- pressure on. they're starting to do that. i'm hearing some of that back and forth but it can't be just one or two people. it has to be a lot of people contacting the governor. the governor appoints the members of the transportation authority. if i heard from a lot of people that would have impact. >> pick up the phone and make your voice heard. >> that's right. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> i use the icc as well and i think they need to up it a little. i hope they're successful. we have clouds out there. a very warm afternoon. average highs 44. we're going to make a run toward 70. already have made that run
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toward 70 in many areas. generally cloudy. maybe a sunny break and windy this afternoon. sustained winds over 20, gusting 30, 35 miles an hour. and then tonight a better chance of storms as we get to 7, 8, -- to 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 from west to east. this could be till 1:00, 2:00. some could be on the heavy side, possibly locally severe. winds are a problem. got wind warnings across jersey and delaware to our western suburbs and down toward the northern neck we have wind advisories potentially gusting 45, 50 miles an hour in the higher elevations as you get to the blue ridge and points west. so we'll be watching that till 6:00 tomorrow morning. and in the immediate metro, much of maryland now, i-81 west, a flood watch in effect starting at 3:00 till 6:00 a.m. because these downpours, if they come in, well, the ground is still frozen in many areas. the water has nowhere to go so it could just pile up rather quickly. some lighter showers trying to reach the ground to our north. we have a line of heavier showers. no real lightning with this but heavy showers coming through cumberland right now, through
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fort ashby. this line is moving east so paw paw, watch out, berkley springs, even hancock the next few hours. it will be moving toward you. then we're going to have to watch it again after dark here in the metro. temps up to 72 in fredricksburg. hagerstown has finally got the warm air. you're in the 60s now. 64. chilly on the bay in annapolis at 60. same with cambridge but andrews 678 with leesburg and b -- 68 with leesburg and bwi. it does not feel like january at any stretch. 63 at reagan national. i've seen gusts up to 30 in hagerstown. the barometer continues to drop. if your joints are telling you something is going o this is what's going on. heavy storms, tornadic thunderstorms across portions of alabama, georgia, eastern tennessee. this is a severe thunderstorm watch just to our west and southwest till 4:00. but all of this water is coming off to the north and the east. so it's not out of the question
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that one, maybe two inches of rain could fall if we get under some of these heavy downpours which looks like they'll stay generally west of us for the afternoon and evening hours. this may be closer to the metro than this model is depicting but we're going to watch it nonetheless because the storms will move northeast. the line will move toward us. by midnight, 1:00 it's over us. then we'll push it away as we get toward the morning rush hour with snows returning into the mountains. the cold air comes back. we're going to watch that for thursday and friday morning, a little disturbance is going to come across. that could flow some flurries or even light snow our way. after tonight well very to watch for friday morning to see if we have any issues. going to be some late thunderstorms. tonight we're into the 30s and 40s. as we get the colder air in here and temperatures don't move tomorrow, they stay in the upper 40s in town, if not dropping in the afternoon. it's windy, snow showers in the mountains. could actually be some light snow friday morning, not just snow showers. so tune in to topper later. we may have to go from green to
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yellow with that but a much colder day friday, low 30s. saturday and sunday we're in the 30s and back over 40 by monday. super bowl is coming up in new orleans. we have a taste of louisiana for you
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for those of us who couldn't go to the super bowl at the super dome in louisiana, we brought some louisiana up here. we have cory. >> the official louisiana spokesperson for seafood and the super bowl. >> you're on tour as well. >> absolutely. up here for mardi gras in d.c. as well. >> we're grad to have you. >> sure. >> what are you making? >> shrimp and grits.
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it's using a lot of louisiana seafood and local ingredients like our grits. we have a wonderful smoked sausage and a little bit of mushroom. you ever have shrimp and grits before? >> not often enough. i love it. >> it's kind of a southern staple really. in our restaurant, we kind of focus on this sort of preparation. a little bit of garlic. everybody's favorite, garlic. >> love garlic. >> absolutely. then our building block of louisiana and southern cuisine is our trinity right here. bell pepper, celery and onions. >> why do they call it trinity? >> food is religion in louisiana. >> that's what andrea tells me. >> absolutely. we're growing to let that work right there. >> tell us a little bit about -- obviously we have shrimp and grits. this is going to be spicy. one of the other things he mentioned too, you have to have crystal hot sauce. >> it's salty, sweet. it's got a lot of vinegar to it. it adds so much flavor to the dish. >> you add it later or in the
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cooking process? >> we're growing to finish with it. the star of the dish besides the sausage is going to be a wonderful louisiana shrimp. >> a good size, too. >> absolutely. fresh louisiana shrimp shipped all the way up to washington, d.c. >> why is louisiana so good at seafood? is it because the seafood is so much bigger and fresher there? >> it's our tradition with seafood. we've been doing this for 300 years. >> is there a secret to getting this tasting just right? >> you have to balance your flavors. your acid with your salt. a little bit of hot sauce there. >> oh, nice. >> then we're going to add a little bit more salt. >> we've got a little less than a minute. >> some pepper. some of our house made creole seasoning. >> look at that. >> what do you think about that? >> smells good. >> yeah. i got a big whiff of the seasoning. >> some of that louisiana soul coming off of there. just a little touch of butter.
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this is what the grits looks like here. it's with roasted jalapeno which are local right by our restaurant. >> if you would like the recipe, go to we want to say thank you to cory for coming out. hope you all have a great day. see you back here tomorrow morning at 4:25. don't miss news at 5:00 this afternoon
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